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24 July 2010

So I bought a Scanner

Another first for me

For quite some time now I had been contemplating to buy a scanner. The thing is, where they develop my films (Tόλης / Tolis in Μπενάκη street), they scan them. But those scans are below the possible resolution with 6x9cm negatives and quite often, shadows and highlights are clipped. Whenever I had taken a night picture, that scanners automatic setting got way off too.
So, finally I searched for a shop that had an Epson V700 on short notice, called for the order and received the box on Wednesday. It was 30€ cheaper than the quoted price, nice surprise. Only thing missing was the power cord, but I found a spare one at home.
Since then I have been fighting with the beast in my spare time. I went several times through highs and downs, praising and cursing me for my decision to buy my first own scanner ever.

On the upside, the machine produces huge scans from my negs (e.g. 80 megapixel are no problem). Even better is that I have no more clipped highlights, I get files with 16 bit per channel. The end of banding and washed out skies.
The downside is that this machine needs some awkward checking and setting of the focus distance - and even with that you have to check and double check each scan for focus, due to the film holder, it being a flatbed scanner, the negative's tendency to curl and flap - all that. The scans from Tolis are much sharper. Still good scans are done for the Epson's money, if I had the cash, I'd have gone for a dedicated film scanner.
For scanning software I forked out some more money for Vuescan, a 3rd party software that works with almost all scanners and does a great job.
So, here I am, happy with my new toy and ready to learn a lot more and ready to fill up some hard disks with huge files - a 6400 ppi TIFF in 48 bit RGB fills up a meager 1.7 gig on disk (never mind that 6400 bit is really beyond the scanner's true resolution).

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