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27 August 2010

10.8. - 21.8.: Switzerland

Mainly a gray thing
Evening in an alpine valley in Ticino

After being in Paris (and the Normandie), I was in Switzerland too. My father had a big party, lots of family to meet, nice. The plan was also to do some hikes in the mountains, but due to the gray, rainy weather, few of that we actually did.

We went to see some places in Appenzell. We got a good thorough soaking of rain in the Toggenburg. Some of the last days we went to the Ticino. Took the funicular (the steepest in Switzerland) up from Piotta and roamed around the alpine lakes up there. Slept in the wonderful hut capana cadagna, also ate there very well. The picture is the look from the backside of the hut in the evening. No vintage cameras for me up there, we only had the trusty Pentax W60. Sadly we had to go down the next day, but at least we had a wonderful hike.

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Re: 10.8. - 21.8.: Switzerland

And the Pentax W60 is all you needed to score such a great shot! I really the scene, the composition and the cloudy/gray areas in the background.

Posted by: saad at August 29,2010 08:40
Re: 10.8. - 21.8.: Switzerland

This really is a picture that was taken with the photographers feet, not camera. Since I got there at the right time and spotted the place I considered the best point of view, anything else was just to get some technicalities out of the way.

Sure, I would have liked this on a negative with the quality of the Arca - but I took what I could get :-)

Posted by: betabug at August 29,2010 08:58
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