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31 August 2010

No more snap

A new meaning to the term "shutter bug"

I'm again on Naxos, working in a quiet environment on some python code manipulating PDF files. Yesteray I worked from 9 to 5 and after work friends came to pick me up by car and deliver me to... the beach. Currently there is a kind of weird weather. There's almost no wind, high humidity, temperatures higher than usual. It's still fine with me though, compared to Athens it's really, really easy here. Especially if you can get to the beach after work.

The water yesterday was spectacular. We were on a beach where usually surfers and kite surfers rule. Now they are on leave. The water was cristal clear. It had that famous blue of the Aegean, only more so. I've got no underwater pictures of it though. My Pentax W60 broke again on Sunday. Same problem as last year: The shutter button is stuck. Sometimes it thinks the shutter is pressed down, sometimes it's stuck on "not pressed". No way to take proper pictures like that. I should start to drag the Arca-Swiss to the beach and buy a Nikonos for the underwater work.

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Re: No more snap

Hums, this summer I have dived sometimes and I've been tempted to buy a cheap camera to use underwater. As I can read on Wikipedia, Nikonos (not Mykonos xD) is a film-camera, do you know some digital one -cheap- ready for underwater?

Posted by: r0sk at August 31,2010 17:41
Re: No more snap

y0 r0!
Well, there are a lot of underwater ready digital compact cameras now. There are the Pentax models (I think they are called W80 or W90 now), there are some Olympus models. There is also one Panasonic Lumix (the one wiwi has, very good) and I think one Canon, which is a bit bigger than the other ones.

All these cameras have "not so good" optical quality... when you build a housing for underwater use, you have to compromise on the space needed for a good lens. The Lumix and probably the Canon will be the best for quality I think. They are usually a bit sturdier than normal compact cameras though.

With my Pentax I have been a bit unlucky, I don't know if I will buy a Pentax again. The Nikonos is indeed a film camera, but since - other than the Pentax - I have lots of film cameras now, that doesn't scare me. The high prices for used Nikonos are what scares me :-)

Posted by: betabug at September 01,2010 08:07
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