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08 September 2010

Bad Times for Taxi Drivers

Prices went up too much, times are not good

Yesterday night leaving from Thision with a taxi. Maybe 50 Taxis waiting for customers. Passed by Monastiraki, probably another 50. Passed by Syntagma, could be another 100. No good times for taxi drivers in Athens these days. Two years ago, on a similar day and time, we had to go walk around the night streets, hunting to find a free taxi.

The fare prices went up so many times, so much, people who used to take a taxi all the time avoid them now. Just like most people I know do now. Of course all the economic downturn and the uncertainty won't help either.

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Re: Bad Times for Taxi Drivers

We lived near Athens from '74 - '77. Taxi drivers used sidewalks, the opposite sides of the roads, and bounced off the busses in order to get their fare down the road. The ones most at risk were the moped drivers - deaths were a weekly occurrence.

From my vantage point, seeing parked taxis is really an improvement for Athens.

Posted by: Erich Prinz at September 16,2010 05:06
Re: Bad Times for Taxi Drivers

Yeah, well, the driving habits have improved. Taxi drivers still drive worse than normal drivers (especially in respect to pulling a stop wherever and whenever they want), but they're not *that* dangerous any more.

Posted by: betabug at September 16,2010 10:18
Re: Bad Times for Taxi Drivers

... still, don't step out onto the road without a quick exit strategy.

Posted by: Erich Prinz at September 16,2010 15:51
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