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17 September 2010

Why Comments and Documentation Matter on 1-Person-Projects too

It's been some time...

Thought of the (still young) day: Comments and documentation matter... even if it's a 1-person project you're working one. Right now, I'm working on one of my older apps, one that I did on and off for a couple of years. I see some area on one of the pages in my browser, right in front of me. I want to "copy" (well, reuse actually) that part in another, new page. Just can't seem to find the code behind it though, been searching for 10 minutes. The code isn't that complicated or messy... I just wish I had given myself a hint somewhere.

(Addendum, just as I wrote this: There is a comment saying "pagecode u:preview" right at the top of the page... grepping the source for this string indeed gave my gray cells the needed kick. QED.)

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