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29 September 2010

Home Souping Film

Developed my first film at home

This evening I developed my first film at home. It's still drying in the bathroom, while I'm slacking on the sofa. So far the film looks good. It's from the Canon, so it's a 135. I'll see the true result once I scan it. (Whichever way it comes out, I think I'll post some crappy pix here.)

It had taken me a while to get all necessary parts together to develop at home. The tank and chemistry I had ordered from Maco in Germany. Since my bathroom is not completely light-tight even after I put some extra thick carton for shutters on the window, I had to wait till it was dark to spool in the film.

When I ordered the other stuff, I had considered getting a changing bag, but in the end I chickened out. Now I think I'll order one, it could make things much simpler. I'm even considering getting the larger (and more expensive) one and inserting something like a "frame", so the fabric does not fall on my hands all the time.

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Re: Home Souping Film

Nice! When do I get to learn this right from the master?

Posted by: Saad at September 30,2010 08:34
Re: Home Souping Film

Anytime man! If you pass by my place I already have all the stuff, otherwise you'd need a small shopping tour first :-)

Posted by: betabug at September 30,2010 08:49
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