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30 September 2010

KTEL Thiva in the Rain

As shot on Tri-X in Diafine
KTEL Thiva in the Rain

So, I scanned the negs from yesterday's film. The scans are not that great, the Epson V700 is definitely not the best tool for this job. (...anybody want to donate a Nikon Coolscan 9000 to me?)

I do like the tonal range of Tri-X in Diafine though. It seems to handle situations with lots of contrast just fine. It's also good for not-so-high-contrast cloudy skies, provided you give the contrast a good kick in the "curves" after scanning. The image could be improved with a bit of burning in, right now I just added some contrast in tonality - trading shadow detail for atmosphere. (Canon F-1N, 28mm.)

This here is the KTEL (ΚΤΕΛ, long distance bus service) station in Thiva. The rain had just about stopped. We were on our way to Askri and had to wait about an hour for our bus connection.

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