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04 October 2010

No Cars on Panepistimiou

Kids and bikes instead
Laughing kid on Athens Panepistimiou street without traffic

Saturday the 24th of September I had to buy some stuff in the center. Since the $#%* line 3 is still under repair, I went to Panepistimiou metro station, got up and... wow... no cars.

Seems there was some kind of "public transport week" or "carfree week" going on. I had heard something of it before, by way of the public transport system letting you drive around all day with a single ticket. But I hadn't heard about this stunt.

It was incredible. Panepistimiou street, roaring with traffic usually, a place where you can cross the street as a pedestrian by way of traffic lights or - if you're in shape - by waiting for a lull in traffic and running over. I've seen it without traffic before, after demonstrations. This was different, since there were cafes on the street, games for the kids (and I guess some games for the grownups). The sun was quite warm, but a part of the street was in the shade.

BMX bike on Athens Panepistimiou street without traffic

I took out my camera, set it up and then I strolled through the shade, looking for something interesting to show in my pictures. Mostly bicycles, kids playing, the cafes. I enjoyed myself too. If "they" made a pedestrian area out of Panepistimiou street, now that would be a dream.

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Re: No Cars on Panepistimiou

simply fantastic

Posted by: wilko at October 07,2010 20:58
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