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08 October 2010

That Fill of the Washing Machine

.. and doing it all at once
Pireus Street in autumn sunlight

In spring and autumn, I often get that special fill of the washing machine. The one that is half full of one season's clothing. Today I looked at that half-fill of those summer clothes and thought: "I'm not going to wear these in a while." Other people pack their summer clothes away about now. I'm just less organized.

While running that washing machine, I was at the same time scanning some negs and developing a film. Now, buddhist wisdom says that if you do multiple things at once, you will do all of them bad. I seem to have gotten the washing machine through fine, but I scanned some negatives that I had already scanned. And I forgot one step in my carefully crafted film drying procedure.

The film will still be fine (knocking on wood here), the double scanned negatives are nothing more than a nuisance. I reminded myself to pay more attention, since the next time I get myself into such a mess, I might forget something more important. (The picture shows Pireus street, some weeks ago in autumn weather with sunlight.)

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Re: That Fill of the Washing Machine

I realized summaer was gone when i had to wesr the winter motorbike jacket.

Posted by: Graffic at October 09,2010 15:15
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