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30 May 2005

TV à l'arabe

Now, where was that language setting?
Our TV in Arabic

Last week my flatmate's mother came over for a visit. She wanted to watch TV (and did so). In the process, she managed to switch the language setting of the TV's online menu to the Arabic language. See the picture for the result. (BTW: the pic is from "Singles", about the only Greek soap/serial that I enjoy.)

Now that wouldn't be that bad if we could just switch back the language setting. But Arabic is not just any language, their character system is so totally different, that we are just lost at trying to find that language setting. And of course the TV's designers have not thought of putting an obviously and internationally labelled (pictogrammed?) "change language" setting somewhere. So watching TV comes with an extra layer of entertainment.

Why did she have to go in the online menu in the first place? Because the buttons for the sound level are broken on the remote control. Changing the sound level involves getting into the online menu now, there you can use the left/right controls to change the sound level. We can still do that, as the process is obvious even if you can't read.

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Re: TV à l'arabe

heh, I used making the same practical joke to my friends at their cellular phones. Setting the arabic language and then leave the cellphone at the table till they mention the change and then "do the duck" (κάνω την πάπια). :)

Posted by: topgan1 at June 01,2005 15:27
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