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14 October 2010

The Joys of Mobile Phone Taxes

Hey, I'm helping to save the economy here!

Well, I got a new phone number. My company stopped paying for the employees mobile phones. Yeah, well... So I shopped around for a new contract. The funny thing was that when I found one that was "almost affordable" and offering more or less what I needed (in short: too many free minutes and SMS, too little MB bandwidth for Internet). The funny thing was checking out the prices and then hearing different prices in the shop.

Whereas I would be paying about 38 Euros according to the web site of Wind, the shop told me it's 42.90. When I asked about it, they explained it's the "communications tax" that's been put on by the government last year. It runs to 12% (on a monthly bill up to 50 Euros, 15% from there on and even more). The fact is that this is not mentioned anywhere on that I could find it - and I've searched that buggy sucker of a website up and down. I guess it's either totally absent or they've hidden it somewhere deep in the terms of use.

But hey, anything to save the economy! Having Γιωργάκι ("little George" Papandreou) fly around in a jet on tax money while preaching ecological and economical behavior is so totally worth it!

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