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19 October 2010

Upper Case Crash

Nokia/Ovi Maps vs. Mac OSuX

Now that I've changed phone providers I unslacked enough to upgrade my phone firmware. Cue Arnie's voice (in "Last Action Hero"}... "Big Mistake." Well, my excuse is that I wanted free navigation with Nokia/Ovi Maps. Somehow ironic that it's now mainly the Maps application that is crashing.

The reason is quite simple: when I try to transfer the map files, I fail. My first try was to download the files using this link page (the download is actually still from Nokia's site}. Then I'd unpack the zip and transfer the files to the phone's memory card. But for some unknown reason (likely to make fun of me}, Mac OS X uppercased the file names. Result: Maps crashes once it tries to access the parts of the map on those files.

Next try was the official Map Loader application. Argh, what a crappy piece of software! Besides, it chokes on some files and crashes. I'll try the windows version next or maybe hooking up the memory card to an OpenBSD system.

Apart from Maps crashing, various apps and some settings disappeared. Most missed so far is the Wellness Tracker app.

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