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08 November 2010

Bookmarks and Page Numbers


With books, sometimes I use bookmarks, sometimes I just remember page numbers (and sometimes I just flip around till I find where I left off}. Whatever I do, I think about it. So when I use a tiny piece of cardboard from a film box, I might keep it around through 2 or 3 books. What does that tell about me?

There's this book I'm reading right now. I had it lying around quite long, now I picked it up again. I'm off to the number system. The reason I left the book lying there is ofcoz that it hit me as kind of boring at the start, ok. So now I tried again and on the first read I made it till page 4. Next time I sat in the bus, I stopped at page 8. I don't remember where I was reading when I stopped at page 16 next. Now I'm at page 32.

For a large part of my small readership those numbers will appear familiar. I'm hesitating right now to pick up the book again, since I don't know if I should - or have to - read till the next number in that series now, in one go. Besides, what does that tell about me?

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Re: Bookmarks and Page Numbers

You are not the only one that does that, but I am happy to combine in powers of ten and well known primes.

Posted by: Greg at November 14,2010 20:20
Re: Bookmarks and Page Numbers

... power of ten, well known primes, historical years, anything that works!

Posted by: betabug at November 22,2010 11:13
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