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22 November 2010

Hiking the Evrota Springs 2010-10-16

Old News
Treetops in the forests near Vlahokerasia

Last month we went for a one day hike with the "Cultural Center of the EYDAP employees (mountaineering section)" (Πολιτιστικό κέντρο εργαζόμενων ΕΥΔΑΠ (ορειβατικό τμήμα)" and some people from the Krystallis mountaineering club from Pireus. We went on a round about trail, near a village called Βλαχοκερασιά (Vlahokerasia) on the Peloponnese...

Group of hikers with some guidance

The excursion was really well planned and organized. Tassos (Τάσος Μήτσιος) had everything mapped out and documented. He and his helpers had installed fixed ropes on some parts of the hike that required a bit of scrambling. The reason I can give his name so well is that each of us got handed a folded sheet with some background information and a photocopy of the map.

Usually I'm all for discovering stuff ourselves and I didn't need much hand-holding, but with quite a large group it sure made things easier. I really had my head free to enjoy the place.

Sunlight in the trees, hikers

That weekend was still pretty summerish. Lots of sunshine, wonderful blue sky, sun streaming between the trees. Plus some autumn colors (not visible in my black+white pictures obviously). The course was for the most part following a little stream or creek, around the springs of the Evrotas river.

Hiking along a little stream

We crossed the little stream many times, back and forth. Sometimes jumping over it, sometimes passing little bridges, sometimes balancing on tree trunks. At one point one of the tree trunks broke under one of our fellow hikers. Not too tough on a day hike, as dry clothes aren't too far away - and it was not cold at all.

There were a lot of sympathetic people there and we had some really nice talks at the dinner at the end of the day.

(Pictures taken with the Canon F-1N, on Tri-X, developed in Diafine.)

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Re: Hiking the Evrota Springs 2010-10-16

Wow, looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Jesse at November 22,2010 18:42
Re: Hiking the Evrota Springs 2010-10-16

Yeah, sure... thanks for spamming, luser!

Posted by: betabug at November 23,2010 09:07
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