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23 November 2010

Another Film and a Catalog Reindexing Bug

It's getting better every day
Sign saying "Shock Prices" in Athens' center

Today I got back three color films from development. One of them was a Fuji Pro 400 H, a film I've bought for the first time. So far it looks like the colors are in line with the Fuji 160S that we all love and worship (haven't tried the "replacement" 160NS yet). having about 2 stops more of wiggle space is nice, but the weather was so good I didn't really need it. This being 120 film for exposures in 6x6cm, I didn't see any grain. I need to re-scan most of those pictures though, the lab scans are just not cutting it.

BTW, the sign says: "The crisis brings the solution: Shock prices - everything at cost prices". As the Beatles song says, it's getting better every day :-)

All the while in a world filled with more technology, I'm still battling a bug in one of my Zope products: I've got this thing that is something like a circular reference of indexes. This is of course the point in my blog post, where I have lost even the last of my readers - after film photo geeking it out and then posting about some waaaay off esoteric tech stuff. Well, I'm working on this bug on and off for days now. Which means I have been working on it and doing other stuff in the meantime, since a really good solution hasn't come up yet. Like every other bug, at some point in time this one will be eradicated and forgotten too.

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