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27 November 2010

Hiking the E4 at Taygetos 2010-11-13+14

Singing in the rain
Hiking up to the Taygetos hut

It's already two weeks ago that I went on another excursion with the Krystallis hiking + mountaineering club. We went to the Ταΰγετος (Taygetos) mountain. The plan was to hike to the hut on Saturday, then either (if time permits) hike straight up to the summit or go to the summit early on Sunday morning. The weather wasn't agreeing with either of these plans at all...

It was all gray skies and rainy. Shifting between pouring down and light rain. So instead of going to the top, a few of us hiked up to the hut, while the others drove. At the (very nice) hut, we cooked dinner and enjoyed a nice evening.

The next morning we woke up fairly early, but not "mountaineering early". Since it was pouring down again, it would be the 2nd time that I was at Taygetos and not getting to see the summit. The last time fog stopped us. This time we even discussed going down by car and doing a normal "tourism" program. Well, we didn't go that far. Instead we dressed up for rain and headed out on the E4 hiking trail down to Anavryti.

Starting the hike in the rain

Somewhere along the way, the rain finally let up bit by bit. In the end we were still under clouds, but we could see the sun peek through in the distance. We had started out at an altitude of about 1400m and went slowly down to about 700m. The E4 around Taygeto is really beautiful. It's the 2nd time I've been around there and I really like the place.

The rain is lifting

All the time I had my sturdy (and heavy), old Canon F-1N with me. Most of the time I had it strung around my neck. When it was pouring down, the camera was underneath my rain poncho and I would pull the poncho up to point the camera through one of the side openings. At one point after walking along in the heavy rain, the humidity likely shorted the battery, the shutter button stopped working. I packed the camera into the backpack for half an hour. It dried out a bit and at the next stop, where the rain had let up already, it came out again and worked fine.

Old Master Tree in the rain

Most pictures I took with Tri-X, in black and white. One film was a cheap (I mean, really cheap, 1.29 Euro) Kodak ColorPlus 200 (the same film is also known as Kodacolor VR200, with edge marks "Kodak 200-8"). I had to re-scan that film twice to get the colors right, because VueScan (the scanning software) didn't have it as "Color Plus" in its settings list. In the end it came out quite nice by setting to "Kodacolor VR200 Generation 5" and the pictures needed only minimal adjustment. As I've posted b+w pictures on the last hiking report, I'll post some color ones here.

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