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30 November 2010

hackfest Athens

Some more old news
Some of the guys (and gals) at the 2nd hackfest in Athens

Saturday I developed the film, yesterday evening I scanned it. That's why this photo (and associated blog post) is a bit late. 10 days ago, 2010-11-21 I was for a short time at the 2nd hackfest in Athens. I didn't have my laptop with me, nor any project to hack on. But I met some cool people and funked with graffic and the well known "ruby guy" (now where do I have that link to his blog?) around with firesheep, ssh tunnels, VPN and all that.

Also had to leave early, because together with graffic we were invited over to Panos place for BBQ. I guess the next time I'll bring my laptop, reserve more time and get to hack on something myself. Either I could do some Zwiki bugfixing or just see who else has an interesting problem to solve, hacking in company is fun!

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