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20 December 2010

Analog Appreciation

Nostalgia or a different feel to things

Already a week ago, Adamo (the made a short post about Fountain pens, ink and paper, that sparked some thinking in me. Here is what I commented on his post - my comment would work equally well on its own:

Between vinyl records, film-based photography, fontain pens and manual typewriters (and probably some others I forgot), there are various movements that appreciate “analog” technologies again. What I like about all these is the change of pace and introspection that goes with them. Having to stop and turn a record every 20 minutes gives listening to music a different feel, as does writing with a fountain pen. (Have you been to the tiny cafe “Petite Fleur” in Kolonaki? They have a record player, when they’re too busy to flip the record, there will be a spell of silence from the speakers.

The syndrome of having to collect all kind of stuff is on another level too though, lots of people just buy things. I try to counter that by using only what I already have :-)

... and then I could have gone on at length about these things. I'm really starting to appreciate many of these things lately. Maybe I'm just nostalgic, but I honestly believe I like the feel these things give me and I see some difference in the results. The results differ not only due to the differing texture of the technology, but also due to a different involvement of the author.

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