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27 December 2010

How I spent Christmas

Reading Moby Dick

Merry Crisis! Καλά Χρωστούμενα! Christmas days are over, I'm still slacking, since I "cashed in" my last two vacation days for this year.
So, what did I do over the holidays? I ate a lot, didn't go out much and been reading "Moby Dick". Now that is one book that needs a lot of patience. I'd started it a long time ago, but since I read it only at R's place and had been reading lots of other stuff... It takes a while.
I'm now almost halfway through it. Just now, for the first time any real action is happening.
So, do I like it? Yes, it is interesting. It has some dry parts, where things drag out. Then, next chapter, the style changes and stuff moves. The book has a bit of a bad name ("the last guy who really read it was the guy who wrote the Cliff's") and I can imagine it would be a pain to read it for school. At my own pace, over a slacking holiday, it's just fine!

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