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11 January 2011

Hiking Misty and Sunny Parnitha

Short and sweet walks
Parnitha in the Mist

The last weekend we had wonderful sunny weather. On Sunday I went with some friends for a short hike in Parnitha, the mountains/hills near Athens. In November we had been hiking there too, at a slightly different spot, with another friend and in much different weather: As you can see from the picture, back then we had a cloudy, rainy day.

No matter if sunny or cloudy, it feels good to be walking on something that isn't concrete, smelling fresh air and trees. The sad thing with Parnitha is when you hit on some of the burned parts. There is a lot that isn't burnd though.

I had the Firstflex with me then, loaded with some black+white film (Tri-X). Not always the best choice, but good for some misty and misterious pictures sometimes. The problem is that this old camera is all soft and misty by itself, couple that with cloudy weather and pictures can get really soft. I'm not yet so sure which of the pictures I really like, so for now I'll put only one of them here.

This Sunday the weather was much warmer. So lots of Athenians had the same idea and the areas close to the roads were crowded. We also hit on some motorcycles and quad bikes, smack right in the protected national park. I can understand that Parnitha is one of the few, close "recreation" areas Athens has, so lots of people go there - I would be well prepared to run into lots and lots of hikers (didn't happen), but taking a loud and destructive hobby into a protected area... not good.

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