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13 January 2011

Mixed Up Some D-76

Old School
My new batch of D-76

Tuesday evening after developing my films, I mixed up a new batch of developer. This time it's Kodak's D-76. One of the older and most standard developers around. This is nothing fancy and special like the 2-bath Diafine I used for the last 20+ rolls of film I developed (and which I'll continue to use).

The reason I got good old D-76 is that Diafine ruined me a roll of film from my Arca-Swiss. You see, Diafine sometimes has this bad habit called "Bromide drag" or "Bromide stains". Essentially it gets pictures developed with strains of lighter parts. Not nice, especially not in the skies of carefully crafted landscape pictures.

Truth be told, I haven't had the problem with Diafine ever since. I had adjusted my agitation, which is the point most people blame for bromide drag. I also stayed away from the upper part of the allowed temperature range. Diafine can be used according to some between 20 - 28º Celsius, while I saw others say 20 - 24º Celsius - I now go to maximum 24ºC.

Outside the Megaro Mousikis, about Christmas time

So I'm still happy to use Diafine for the Tri-X I load into my handy little 35mm Canon F-1 (only about 1kg) to go and make fancy night shots in the city like the one above. I'll also use it for Tri-X in the 6x6 Firstflex, where fine grain doesn't matter that much either. But the Fuji Acros 100 I use with the Arca-Swiss I want to develop the old fashioned way. With the Arca I don't need fast film speed (it's always on a tripod anyway), I don't really care that much about fine grain, but I want even development.

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