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25 January 2011

Watch out Super Mario!

Rolling Up Sleeves to do some plumbing

The faucet in my kitchen was dripping. For ages. The tank of the toilet was running. So, well, I needed a plumber, but those are kind of hard to come by in this city. The first image that comes to mind when thinking about a plumber here is that it will be incredible hard to get hold of the guy - phoning him 3 times a day for a week till he finally comes over - and when he comes over, the plumber gets served coffee and sweets, because he is such a rare and special species.

I avoided all that, by going to a big Do-It-Yourself store and buying some parts for a total of 8 Euros. I got a new float valve assembly and some gaskets. Changing the float valve assembly was easy and straight forward. Fixing the dripping faucet took me much longer. Basically the problem was figuring out the way the faucet works. My first line of action had been to put in various gaskets where it looked like there should be one and where there was gunk that looked like a dissolved gasket. That didn't work. For most of the time I either had a dripping faucet or one that was closed all the time.

Finally I noticed that one part that looked like metal was in fact a badly malformed gasket - the very and only one that needed changing. From that time (about an hour after I started out), things were done in another five minutes. Taking out that gasket was hard, but it yielded in the end. Some tries to assemble the stuff in the right order and voilà, a proper faucet!

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