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30 January 2011

Snow on Flambouri

Scramble, scramble

This morning at 7am, the alarm in my phone sounded. I switched it off. Then I was lying there, thinking. Trying to decide. Should I get up? Pack my things and head out, across Athens, to meet some friends early in the morning and head up to the Parnitha mountain region? Or should I just stay in bed, get another wink of snow and slack off a slacky sunday? Guess what, it took me some time, but I got out of bed. I packed my things, I headed for the bus.

So at about 10:30 we were three guys, heading up the mountainside from the base station of the cable car. I've gone up there before, on a nice hiking path to the "Bafi" hut. But instead of going that way, we crossed the bed of a little stream and started scrambling up a rocky mountainside. It wasn't steep enough to warrant ropes and stuff, but there were some parts, where I was wondering wtf I was doing there.

After a short while, there started to be some snow on parts of the rocks (where the wind hadn't blown it off). That snow started to be partially frozen and there was more of it the more we went up. Another adventure happened when one of my boots got stuck in a crack in the rocks. Really annoying situation. Well, no matter what, we made it up to the "Flambouri" peak. We were going along the top of a rock face that is a climbing field. I was quite happy when we weren't too close to the edge.

Repeatedly while scrambling up using my hands, I had the thought that "hopefully we won't go down the same way again". At the same time I looked back from time to time, memorizing the way down, because if something bad happens, that could be just where I would have to get down in a hurry.

Lucky me, a short while after the ridge and the peak, we got to the hut and followed a more conventional hiking path down. There was a little bit of snow around, maybe 5cm. First snow I've trodden on this year. Lots of trees were frozen over. I had the Firstflex with me, which didn't help while scrambling, but it allowed me to take some pictures of frozen trees and rocks.

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