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05 February 2011

Aerides, 2037m

Snow and Sunshine

I'm on an excursion with the Krystallis mountain club next door to the mountain Velouhi (aka Tymfristos) near Karpenisi. the club is holding some training sessions, but I'm with a small group who does an alternative program.
Today we went to the small peak called "Aerides", 2037m high, about an hour from the hut. It was an easy ascent in the snow, no ice, not too deep snow, nice weather, only a bit of cold wind.
Not to forget, with great sunshine! I had the Firstflex with me and took some pix. Originally I thought to bring the Arca, but in the end for practical reasons it stayed at home.
A few of us are going to sleep outside in tents. Lets see how good my old sleeping bag still works!

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