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09 February 2011

Velouhi (aka Tymfristos), 2315m

Lucky to have the best conditions
Tents next to the Velouhi hut

Continuing the weekends saga from where I left off in the Aerides post: Yes, I've slept in the tent outside. The temperature was reported to being something like -5ºC to -9ºC outside in the morning. It was a bit windy. The tent held and my sleeping bag had no problem with the temperature. In fact I woke up at some moment in the night and took off some clothing because I was feeling too hot. A bit after 7 in the morning I convinced myself to leave the comfy "bed" and go out to take some pictures. Here is the tent in the last bit of dawn. Then I went for breakfast and to prepare for the day's adventures...

Looking up to the peak of Velouhi

A part of the people from the club went off to hold their training session, while some of us set up to "climb" the peak of Velouhi (Βελούχι, also called Tymfristos or Timfristos, Τυμφρηστός) in two groups. I put "climb" in quotes, because it really was just a steep walk. There was about 30cm of snow, more powdery not frozen. For me the hardest part was crossing a steep gradient. The stuff where you always see the ground going down to your side and you fear to slip. Well, I feared to slip. I kept telling myself, "come on, you've done worse than this, it's not too steep, even if you fall, it's child play to hold or sled down, uh oh, how will we get down this thing later? ...". I got over it with some psychological help and practical advice from the group. After we crossed that part, things got real easy, with the last part before the peak being a nice plateau with a great view. Here you see me looking up to the peak on the last little bit.

betabug on top of the Velouhi, 2315m

... and here I have reached the top of Velouhi, 2315m. I had handed the Firstflex over to Dimitri to take my picture. While he looked through the viewfinder, he moved the camera left and right to frame the pic... and noticed that, "hey, it's mirrored!" Duh, yeah, it is :-) It's quite an experience when looking through a TLR (or 6x6 SLR) for the first time, but when using it for a long time, you forget it.

Dimitri, Ilias, Aris on the peak of Velouhi, 2315m

Here are Dimitri, Ilias and Aris on the peak of Velouhi. There was another gentleman there too, not from the club, who was going up alone but helped us with advice and directions. We enjoyed the view for a while up there. When we went back down, we met the second group on their way up. We then came to the steep gradient. Look there, I had no problem at all getting down! In fact, I felt much, much more relaxed and safe. It reminded me of skiing, sledding and generally playing on snowy hills as a child. Come on, I had feared this thing? The others then gave me a little "self arrest" training, where you use the ice axe to stop your slide on snow or ice. I let myself fall, I jumped down and stopped my slide again. It was fun!

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