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21 February 2011

Hybrid HD update, Weekend Fun Hacking Project

It Rolls and it Rocks

This weekend I was hax0ring along on a new fun project. I'm coding up a new skin on COREBlog. I could do that fast and easy by adapting an existing skin, but this time I'm doing a skin almost from scratch using ZPT from start to end. No more DTML on this one. Much cleaner. Worked on it on Saturday and Sunday. I had lots of fun doing this. There are still bits and pieces left to do, I guess till the next weekend I can have it rolling.

The new "hybrid" hard disk in the old Macbook performs quite well. There are no more of those small moments of lag when opening applications. Could be that this is just from doing a clean install, but given that I've installed a system that does much more in the background, I'm ready to give the disk some credit.

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