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08 March 2011

Snowy Way Back

Better slow than stuck
Taking a snapshot after mounting snow chains on the car

The way back from our 3-day weekend turned into a nice little adventure. We went back on smaller roads, avoiding the national roads. That way we did not only avoid all the toll booths, but also the story that was to come from the snow that was falling. On our way we were passing a bit of higher ground near Bralos, taking it slowly and taking good care. Below that, the streets were again free of snow and we moved on faster.

When we came to lower ground, we kept on the smaller roads, going in parallel to the national roads (highways). At some point, the snow reappeared, both in the sky and on the road. We moved on like that for a while, then decided to put on snow chains for a safer drive. (Note that in Greece nobody has M+S "winter" tires, there's just too much summer here.) We even snapped a picture after mounting the chains.

With the chains we continued to move at a steaming 40km/h, at about that time we started to see the traffic on the national road totally blocked. There were 5 lanes of cars, totally stuck. Cue Chris Rea's "Road to Hell" here if you want a soundtrack. A friend of ours was stuck in there too. Turns out, all these cars were stuck there from 18:30 in the evening till about 3:00 in the morning (according to news reports).

We took off the chains some distance later, when the snowing had turned into snowy rain and then simple, plain rain. Finally we went onto the national road ourselves, which was almost empty at that point. We recovered all the time we had lost by stopping for chains and by moving with 40km/h, because the entrance into Athens, which is usually a big honking traffic jam was pretty much empty. We got home safe, dry, warm and without too much hassle and we were really, really thankful for our good luck.

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