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16 March 2011

square tokyo

Yes, there's more wrong than that

A few months ago I discovered the photoblog square tokyo through a link-from-a-link from tokyo camera style. I was stunned. Ever since, "square tokyo" had been an inspiration to me. Not in the sense that I wanted to make the same pictures, but in the sense that I totally dig the dedication to composition and excellence in pictures. It gave me something to aspire to.

Well, you all are stuck together with me and everybody else trying to follow the bad news from Japan. I can't say much about that. I don't know the dude that makes "square tokyo", never exchanged messages with him (assuming he's a "he"), never even tried an automated translation on the texts. But I sure hope he's allright. There are many, many more people in danger and dire need and I hope for the best for all them, but for me this was just one more personal touch.

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