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20 March 2011 again

Going out for coffee and code

This Sunday was another installment of the meeting. This is a loose get-together of all kinds of people who come together in a cafe somewhere to hack on whatever project they happen to work on. Or they might as well be there to socialize and have a coffee. This time I took my laptop with me and continued going through the tutorials of the pyramid framework.

Also at this hackfest there were a couple of talks given. Most important of these is probably that the guys from are trying to get a hackerspace going, which is a permanent place to hack on hardware and software and generally have a geeky time. I wasn't so hot about the talks, as I was busy chatting with Javier and Dan and going through the tutorial at the same time. But I had a good time anyway.

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Re: again

It was a nice Sunday :)

I've given Pyramid some minutes of my time and it "feels" nice.

I'll try to find more time to make something useful and have a better opinion.

Posted by: graffic at March 28,2011 23:38
Re: again

Hey graffic! Yeah, nice meeting!

> I'll try to find more time to make something useful and have a better opinion.

Same here, it's nice to walk through the howtos, but I think I'll do a small project just to see how easy it's to go from there.

Posted by: betabug at March 29,2011 09:51
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