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24 March 2011

Making Legacy Zope Apps Unicode Aware

Or: "Of Old, Old Zope Code and Unicode", we're talking pre-2.10 here

Back when Zope 2.10 came out, the major change was the switch to the ZPT implementation from Zope 3. This also brought a major switch to a different handling of encoding. Basically what it means is that there might be still some legacy (that is a nice word for "old") applications out there, that feed the ZPT UTF-8 encoded strings, store data in UTF-8 encoded strings and sometimes even process strings as UTF-8 from end to end (even though that breaks for something as simple as trying to get the length of a string).

Enough with the generalizations, I have 2 largish apps to "bring into a more modern period". My plan so far is...

All this transition will be helped by the tests the applications have. Those will give a tiny little bit more confidence that I won't break everything (wish me luck). I'll also write some new tests that specifically test some data paths through the app.

The status of this right now is that I've started and am going through the old code. Wow, what a run down memory lane. I'm keeping my eyes open mostly looking for:

In general I'm trying to catch stuff as early as possible. There are a lot of cases where I don't have to do much, when lots of incoming values go through one method - one method call fixes many there. Other times I seem to have a tendency to want to apply the method somewhere in the middle of the data path, because I haven't yet seen the value "coming in" yet. No need to check values multiple times though.

So where am I now? Well, of course at the point where all kinds of tests blow up around me :-)

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