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04 April 2011

Tethering the Nokia e71 to OS X 10.6

Better with the cable

Over the weekend I tried out tethering the e71 to the Macbook again. Well, it's not the first time I'm doing this. I've been tethering and getting my fix of the 'net through the phone for years. The difference is that so far I was on 10.4 (Tiger). On 10.4 I used to tether through bluetooth. It worked, but it sucked up a lot of battery on the phone. The reason that I used bluetooth was that hooking up the phone with the cable did not work for me on 10.4. Along came 10.6 (I skipped 10.5 and was pretty late to go to 10.6 on my Macbook).

So I gave the cable another try and it works now. When hooking up the phone it asks me with what mode to connect. I set it to "PC Suite". On the first time, the Mac informed me of 2 new network connections. I set them up similar to how I did with bluetooth... and off I went. Another advantage: The cable connection is less likely to get disrupted. Speed also appears to be better, but no scientific data there.

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