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08 April 2011

The Unicode Saga Continues

Hey, it does not bomb anymore... so it must be fine, right? right?

So, the saga continues for transitioning one of my oldest Zope applications to be ready for passing the Zope 2.10 unicode breakpoint. For now I've reached the point where all the existing tests pass again. When I removed sys.setdefaultencoding it was feeling like a minefield that was being overrun by a horde of toy robots.

Playing through the app in Firefox is no problem, but Safari sure brings out the UnicodeDecodeErrors. I think it's something in the headers that Safari makes different, where Firefox shows the unicode just right and Safari brings out the errors. So I do my manual testing with Safari now and things still blew up for a while, while I continued fixing and applying my conversion method.

Now I'm preparing some automated testing to go through all the UI and play with every form. This is done in the functional doctest style (there are links to examples on that post). Since I want to populate a "sample site" with all the various content types, I'm following a suggestion from a plone documentation page and I'm using a method to setup all the site. I'm pushing a lot of UTF-8 encoded strings into places where they wouldn't really belong - but that's what the transition will have to deal with.

I also added a little method to my app that allows me to run that "setup" method through the ZMI, so I can check manually if my setup is complete, works and looks good. Might come in handy for showing off the app too. Even while setting up everything in that method I came across 2 or 3 areas that I had forgotten in my "manual" test drive.

Next step will be to write the "walkthrough" of the UI, using 4 kinds of user roles (admin, 2 level of staff users, client users). I know of 2 places where pages should still give UnicodeDecodeErrors, so I will know that my test setup works. I guess it will mostly be a boring and repetitive job, but once it's done I will be more confident to place the app into the "new world" it's been lacking behind and then put it into "maintenance mode" again.

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