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09 April 2011

Postfix: Upgrading to Snow Leopard, User+Group Changed

I'm a bit late to upgrade, so everybody else probably already knows

My MacBook has a local postfix setup with a smarthost that I use to send out mails written in mutt. When upgrading from Tiger 10.4 to Snow Leopard / Mac OS X 10.6 (a long time after that came out, skipped 10.5 entirely), the setup failed with the error message:

postfix/sendmail[13601]: fatal: file /etc/postfix/
parameter mail_owner: user postfix has same user ID as _postfix

So I went and edited to fix mail_owner to be _postfix. After that I got:

postfix: fatal: file /etc/postfix/ parameter setgid_group:
group postdrop has same group ID as _postdrop

So I had to change also for setgid_group the group postdrop to be _postdrop.

With those changes, my smarthost setup worked again without problems.

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Re: Postfix: Upgrading to Snow Leopard, User+Group Changed

So you are telling me you have upgraded to Snow Leopard when Lion is expected to be out this summer?

Posted by: Saad at April 19,2011 06:26
Re: Postfix: Upgrading to Snow Leopard, User+Group Changed

I'm not only a lazy slacker, I'm also damn conservative in
software choices. If it wasn't for some specific reason[1],
I would have stayed on 10.4 till the poor machine fell apart.

[1] VueScan runs much, much better in 64bit on 10.6. Really.

Posted by: betabug at April 24,2011 11:33
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