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13 April 2011

Early Morning Tourist Walk

... and the trees have flowers too
Detail of flowers in a tree in Athens

This morning I took a little detour to get off at the Akropolis Metro station and walk to Petralona from there. I took the nice pedestrian area that passes by the Akropolis and the ancient Herodion theatre. This is really tourist area and having my Firstflex with me, I took some pictures and in any way was not distinguishable from any random tourist (assuming that a tourist would carry such an old, beaten up camera).

The morning is definitely the right time to take pictures in that area, very few people around. The light was nice too. Only when looking at the Acropolis from Thision I was looking into the sun.

I also enjoyed the flowering trees on the way. I didn't really take any pictures of them, as the Firstflex was loaded with Tri-X (which is black+white film) and as it can't focus close enough to show flowers in detail. The picture you see here was taken with the mobile phone, which is always at hand these days.

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Re: Early Morning Tourist Walk

Well, tourists do not carry Twin Lens Reflex film cameras these days. Even pros do so only occasionally. I've never met anyone with a TLR in Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Roma and all the other places I've visited. The only other Medium Format camera I've seen was a wonderful "THWACK" Hasselblad V system camera.

All the tourists were firing digital or, on a few occasions, a 35mm film camera such as a Nikon F something. I've also spotted once a Leica M3 :-)

Are we dinosaurs then? :-))

Oh and that mobile phone picture is fine, the light coming in through the branches is beautiful :-)

Posted by: Saad at April 19,2011 06:38
Re: Early Morning Tourist Walk

Haha, those TLR tourists must be somewhere, there are tons of them on flixr! Medium format was rare even back in the days, it's not really getting more common :-)

Posted by: betabug at April 24,2011 11:47
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