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20 April 2011

Rainy Naxos

Anyway, work

This week I had the luck to be able to spend on Naxos. I'm working on the laptop, as usual, connecting to the net through the tethered phone. Last year the phone got a nice, little 3G signal, this year GPRS is all it gets. Still, as I don't have to do much web browsing, I'm fine. IRC and mail, a little browsing with lynx if I really need to - it doesn't use much bandwidth and it doesn't need much speed. Instead, work comes along really well, I already have reached my target for these four days - one day ahead of schedule.

Something else is different: So far this has been the rainiest and coldest week ever on Naxos. It's like winter really hasn't left yet. We have an electrical heater on, we wear thick clothes. I have brought the Arca, but haven't taken it out even once. Monday late afternoon would have been possible with some nice sunlight under the clouds, but I was dog tires and slept instead.

The weather is supposed to turn on Thursday evening. As the Easter weekend is ahead, a rainy weekend would ruin many people's party, so lets hope for the best.

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