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23 April 2011

Easter Eggs

Weather improved to almost suitable levels too
Easter eggs, hand painted

Good luck, the weather finally turned on Thursday. It's not raining any more and most of the time it's sunny. It's still windy like crazy and large clouds drift across the sky. And it's cold. Never mind though, we're soaking up all the sun we can get.

For example yesterday, on the "big" easter Friday, we went into town to do the shopping for our easter meal. After shopping we found a nice, classical cafe with some places in the sun, but sheltered from the wind. There we drank a fresh, mixed juice and talked about how funny this all will seem in summer, when every bit of wind will be a relieve and a place in the shade a must.

For food we've got some "katsiki" (goat kid) to make in the oven. No family here, so no need to roast a whole lamb! R. also painted some eggs - see pic, which go very well with the newly discovered sun in the grass. Everything is ready for the big feast on Sunday then!

I've also took two photo walks with the Arca, discovering new (to me) paths. Since I went after work, I missed the sun on one of my subjects by a hair. Will go back to that place again. It's good to be out with the camera again.

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