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05 May 2011

60 Minutes Free Wifi at Athens Airport

Hey, that's something

So, it's been a while since the last time I traveled. One thing I found out, they give you 60 minutes of free wifi at Athens airport now. Nice! All you do is surf to any website, have your connection "captured" and redirected to the airport site (flash needed, if you don't have that, try this url: or some alteration, it's where I end up when I "get through"). Then you click around two or three times on the obvious links for "free wifi" and at some point it tells you that you are on. Not even a captcha.

They seem to block my IPsec VPN, it connects, but no traffic runs. Not in the mood to debug that, but ssh -D works.

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Re: 60 Minutes Free Wifi at Athens Airport

Thank you very much for that's..

Posted by: Adam at August 03,2017 09:20
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