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08 May 2011

St.Gallen Camera Style

Not much, but still...
Mamiya C220 in shop window

In the true spirit of Tokyo Camera Style, I was going out for walks today with the Canon F-1N (with film, for those who don't know that camera) in the city of St.Gallen. That's where I'm right now. In difference to Tokyo Camera Style, mine was the only analog camera around, in fact it was the only camera of any kind I've seen. There weren't many tourists in town.

The weather was wonderful, nice and warm, totally not typical for the season. After strolling around a lot, I came across this poster in a shop window. Looks like those Mamiya TLRs are the total fashion accessory nowadays. This one is a C220 even. Less "professional", but a bit rarer than the C330. Maybe the C220 is considered more "fashionable" or maybe it was simply the one they had at hand?

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