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07 June 2005

Another Big Shift at Apple

I didn't want to mention it, but is Intel now going to put up "Switcher" adds?

When topgan1 wrote about Apple going to use Intel processors yesterday, I just hoped so much that he was going to be proofed wrong. Looks like it is real. I double checked the calender, today is not April 1st. So Apple will indeed phase out PowerPC processors for Intels processors until 2007. I don't like that.

If there is anybody who can pull such a stunt, it is Apple. They already did something similar twice. But still I don't like it any better. Ofcoz the usual crowd of Steve-Jobs-reality-distorted Apple followers without a clue (the ones like that guy from Rainbow who said that Unix is a programming language) will applaud this U-Turn. Yesterday you told us that the Ghz race was all a lie? Today you tell us that PowerPC is not keeping up in the Ghz race and that's why we have to switch over, no problem. I felt pretty gloomy yesterday, thought about getting out of IT again. Why didn't I pick up that job as a shepherd on Limnos? But let me tell you my reasons for not liking this decision.

I could go on, but I won't. I didn't want to write about this at all, but the weblogs around me did not seem to have any reactions (except for topgan1), so I felt like I had to. BTW, what's next? Will Intel put up "Switcher" adds now? Welcome to the club of "everybody is equal"? Damned, I don't care about my computers being 20% faster, I care about my computers being inspiring.

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Re: Another Big Shift at Apple

Two days after and I really don't know what to think of this. That GHZ fact that you mention, is indeed what came into my mind. It didn't matter in the past, and I still don't buy things just looking at the GHZ. And of course more competitors is always good, but we lose a cpu arch on the desktop market. Will that matter beyond our love for some or the other? The mac always been a final product, not just a G4 or a G5. Maybe in the future there will be AMD64 for the that "64bit Operating System" that Jobs talked about in the past. On the business aspect, I hope it will change something in Europe when ordering a mac, that is it will be faster.
I think until 2007, I have time to clear up my mind on this :-)

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at June 08,2005 09:37
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