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08 June 2011

2 Weeks of Protests

Still going strong

The protests are going now for two weeks strong. Two weeks of blocking the central square of Athens every evening. Two weeks of calling the politicians thieves and traitors and worse. Shouting and cursing in front of the parliament.

Also two weeks of direct democracy at the square, of talking with people from all walks of life. Voting for important and unimportant issues.

The politicians complain about being called thieves, but they haven't yet stopped stealing. Someone wrote with huge letters "thieves" on the street in front of the parliament. Complete with a pointer to the parliament.

We also passed two sundays here, one with probably 100'000 people, the next one some reported as 500'000 we could have filled three squares. It was the biggest demonstration in Greece's history.

... and we're not done yet.

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