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28 June 2011

After the Battle

Hey, it's a free concert now

Today it was a battle on Syntagma square. The police again and again attacked peaceful demonstrators, under the pretext of provocateurs.

The police as usual was beyond reason, throwing teargas into a first aid station and into the subway station. They also attacked a group of journalists who filmed them violently arresting someone.

I wasn't there, for medical reasons. Now I went to the square, bringing a few medical supplies and ... peaches. Obviously, a drop in the ocean. There is a concert going on, with well known artists playing. There are a lot of people.

Every now and then the riot police at the corner of the square throws some shock grenades and teargas, so we don't forget that they are at war with their own people.

Update: I'm back home, short visit on the square. I'm waiting for the water to get hot so I can take a long shower. My clothes are outside, waiting to be washed 2x, separately from everything else. Standard teargas decontamination procedure.

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