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28 June 2011

... is the battle again

A government at war with the people

It must have been right after I left the square that the attacks by the police started again. As we were walking from the square down Ermou street, we saw the riot police posted outside the ministry there put on their gas masks, while we heard the shock grenades and saw the teargas fountains from the top of the square. Obviously they had received order to start up the pressure again.

What is happening in Athens this night is a crime against humanity! Please get the word out, the story in the big media is a lie. Here the police is attacking peaceful old ladies and families with kids. I've been there, right on the square, enjoying a concert with these people.

The Greek puppet government must step down now. Such an outright attack on their own people can not be tolerated in a democracy. Now we know what the government spokesman and vice-president Pangalos meant when he said that it's either their way for the vote of the austerity measure or ... tanks in the streets. (In an interview with the spanish newspaper El Mundo.)

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Re: ... is the battle again

Interesting perspective. I didn't see that much police violence, but also didn't stay in the square as long as you. Just found your site after looking for English bookstores in Athens online - thanks for the advice.

Posted by: Hio Dikaiopolis at July 04,2011 07:19
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