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29 June 2011

A Nose Full

In Henri Dunants spirit

This mornig I got up and went to the pharmacy. Together with the cursing pharmacist, we assembled two bags of 1st aid supplies. Cost me a bare 25€. I also got a big bag of peaches. I went to Syntagma square and delivered the stuff to the 1st aid station. The peaches hopefully got their spirits up a bit.Then I took the metro back to Monastiraki, where I bought 2 bags full of small water bottles. When I was back at the square, trying to get out of the metro, the police shot a large amount of tear gas at the entrance of the metro. Lots of people tried to get out and were trapped... including me. I ran away and by accident was in the hallway to the entrance of the hotel Grande Bretagne - a place that is not usually a good choice to be. On the other side, the main entrance was a big chemical cloud, shining red in the light.

Together with some other people we went reluctantly to get out. We were able to pass outside, coughing and spitting.

I went on some more, giving water to people I thought in need. Now I stopped in Stadiou street to write this post.

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Re: A Nose Full

Thank you very much for your blog. With the passage of the Austerity bill, any predictions on what life in Greece will be like over the next 12 months? Dave

Posted by: DaveinSV at June 29,2011 18:36
Re: A Nose Full

DaveinSV, you're welcome!

Life over the next 12 months with the "austerity measures" will be hell. I already have enough friends without job, there will probably be even more of them. Lots of small businesses closing. A lot of Greece's countryside will be destroyed, because foreign investors (and only foreign, there will be a division between Greek and foreign investors) will be able to build whatever they want, wherever they want. No ecological study or investigation of feasibility needed any more.

If todays police violence goes through unpunished, we will have a total police state. Watch out for people being dragged out of their homes at night next (as they were being beaten up in cafes and shops today).

On the other hand, if we can get the government to step down and the corrupt politicians to be prosecuted, then we can have a chance to rebuild the country. We can bring on direct democracy - and the involvement of the people in the ruling of the country will give a lot of power to the country and the rebuilding efforts.

Posted by: betabug at June 29,2011 23:06
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