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30 June 2011

We won't go, till they go

We've taken back the square

The last 2 days the police bathed us in 4 tons of teargas. They hunted us with motorcycles - and they succeeded for a moment to empty the square, using incredible violence. This evening I passed by the square again... and the people are back.

I was moved. I took a deep, deep breath and burst into a smile. I wanted to hug all the people. The 1st aid station is back, the radio station, and - most important - the assembly was taking place, with lots of people attending.

We won't give up just for a few policemen. We won't leave till they leave. The banner in the picture says "Άμεση Δημοκρατία" - direct democracy. We're not just fighting against some random "austerity measures", we're fighting for something more important.

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