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18 July 2011

The Square

We're still here

It's been days, weeks, I've lost count. Still we are here on the square. "We"? Yes, I'm not here every day any more, but I still count myself in. I - as many of us- would like an easy life, doing my stuff. But I can not bear the destruction of the last traces of society without putting up at least a bit of a fight.

The more so, because there are more of us than against us. If this democracy was not hijacked, then why does the government not go to hell where they belong?

Summer has come, summer will go, but the resistance will still be there. ξ

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Re: The Square

Best wishes from spain, my friend. I'm not sure about what's going to happen, what the result would be, but I think you are doing what you have to do.

Just be careful (we all know what happened at syntagma some weeks ago) and keep working to change the world around you.

Posted by: Wu at July 19,2011 16:35
Re: The Square

Hey Wu, thanks for your words. I'll always be careful.
I'm not the guy for violence anyway. Being there, standing up,
and speaking up, that's already something to give the "system" a hard time.
Spreading true information (vs. the lies in the big media), is also something.

Posted by: betabug at July 24,2011 18:25
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