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11 September 2011

Back in September

It's all coming back now

I'm back from Naxos. Within the first 24 hours, it all came back: The strikes, the misery of the thieves in the government, even the traffic. The newest "escapade" of the politicians is to take some 140 or so of the drivers of Metro line 1 and put them to work in a museum. (Yes, you read that right, highly trained technical train personnel will cut your tickets in a museum or tell you not to take pictures with flash.) Result: Line 1 is variously crippled (a train every 30 minutes) or shut down.

Anyway, it's still summer. My weblog is still there, even if I didn't post. I'm still writing code. Due to the fashion for this autumn changing, I selected a slightly darker shade for the cursor color in the Terminal (the "green fonts on black" thing where I write my code). It makes me feel so fresh and new now. I tried (without success) setting the cursor to blink too, but it was too much of a fashion revolution all in one step for me. I guess I'm a bit conservative deep in my heart.

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Re: Back in September

Green on black is always a good schema. wb!

Posted by: r0sk at September 13,2011 08:55
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