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25 September 2011

The Freedom to Demonstrate

It's not always given

Today various organizations have called people to demonstrate again on the central Syntagma square in Athens. The police answered with brutality. They beat up unarmed and peaceful people and teargassed them. Women and children were attacked.

I was at the lower part of the square, in the early evening. At the time all the entrances to Amalias avenue (the upper part of the square) were blocked by the riot police. We waited for some time for what would happen. When the police line was pulled back to the other side of Amalias avenue, they fired shock grenades and teargas into the people. We were disgusted and in no mood to risk our health, so we left. In the meantime we learned that the crowd persisted and has taken back the square again.

So, while the crooked politicians and the speculators cut up their pie of the profits, they don't want any of that "democracy" stuff that causes only trouble. People might have a right to demonstrate peacefully, but only if they are willing to risk their health.

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