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29 September 2011

No battle today

... but someone made a mess

This Tuesday there was a battle again in Athens, with the riot police attacking people (and there was one scene where they hit an 8 year old girl). The "online tv station" stopcartel transmitted images and commentary live. Good job, lots of people from all over the world paid attention.

Today (Thursday evening) though, there is no battle going on, instead stopcartel decided to replay Tuesday's video on their live streaming site. Huge success: Since they did not remove the "live" label on the video, lots of people believed that police attacked demonstrators right now and again today. Right now there are still twitter messages repeating the story. Stopcartel had placed a message "now playing back video" on there, but only in Greek.

This kind of thing does not work. I have previous work experience at a TV station and back then I learned one thing: If something looks like "live" and it isn't, you have to make it absolutely clear. Leaving a logo that says "live" in there is a disaster.

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