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07 November 2011

Welcome to Betabug Sirius

My new Company Site

It has been quite some time that I announced that I'd be working as a freelancer. Lots of stuff had to be done in that time, but finally things are ready. I've founded my own little company and set up a small website: Welcome to Betabug Sirius!

For once this isn't a "ZWiki-As-A-CMS" site (which is what I usually do when I want a site to go up fast), but a plain, static html site, done in vi. I know it won't scale when I'll want to expand it, but I had fun coding it up in the old style.

So far I already have a few customers, working with Zope (mostly in bugfixing and maintenance of existing / legacy sites) and with Pyramid (building a brand new web application). There is also a project to build something unique and "our own" on a longer horizon, involving technology and art.

There has been and still is a lot of bureaucracy, but so far the ride has been smooth and sometimes even fun. Part of the strategy is to work together with other companies to form flexible teams for each project. That's something that has worked real well so far, giving me fun and inspiration to work with others.

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Re: Welcome to Betabug Sirius

I wish all the best for you and your new company. I know that the times are hard at the moment but I have a big faith on companies like yours. I hope nothing but the best for you here in Greece!


Posted by: Jan at November 07,2011 14:26
Re: Welcome to Betabug Sirius

on "oui, vous l'avez devinez" as to be "oui, vous l'avez deviné"

There may be more errors, I am not very good at spelling :-)

Posted by: Alex Garel at November 07,2011 15:53
Re: Welcome to Betabug Sirius

Thank you Jan and Alex! Corrected the spelling!

Posted by: betabug at November 08,2011 12:19
Re: Welcome to Betabug Sirius

congrats, wish u all the best!

At debugging: in the french version the titles "Technology" and "Customers" sound english to me... I know you know the french terms ;-)

The link on the french version of the contact page points back to itself: instead of

Posted by: Andreas Rutishauser at December 25,2011 16:55
Re: Welcome to Betabug Sirius

Merci Andreas!
Yeah, that's the downside of doing a "hand made", static html site, small mistakes can creep through easier. I've corrected these now!

Posted by: betabug at December 26,2011 12:05
Re: Welcome to Betabug Sirius

Good luck with your new company!!! It needs courage to set up a business, especially now... My best and sincere wishes for your new beginning...

Posted by: Mary at February 27,2012 20:19
Re: Welcome to Betabug Sirius

Thank you Mary!! At some points in life these things stop to take much courage, they just become "what one has to do right now". But still I had my share of sleepless nights...

Posted by: betabug at March 31,2012 19:59
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