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09 November 2011

Updated MiniPlanet, now with meta-feed

Mix and match

My MiniPlanet Zope product has been working steady and stable for some years, when suddenly a user request came along. Would it be possible to get a feed of all the items in a miniplanet? With this update it became possible.

MiniPlanet is an old-style Zope product. Probably the next thing I will have to do with it is to "eggify" it. That would make it possible to use it easier with current Zope versions (2.13).

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Re: Updated MiniPlanet, now with meta-feed

i need 2009 miniplanet sofas i had them but i got hack -.- so plz get me the miniplanet sofas thanks you.

Posted by: sky blank at November 23,2011 04:20
Re: Updated MiniPlanet, now with meta-feed

Apparently there is some other software called miniplanet... well, there are no sofas in *my* miniplanet, sorry.

Posted by: betabug at November 23,2011 10:00
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